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Signature Title Services - Company Policy - For Real Estate Transactions

Due to our company policy, please note that we only accept personal checks up to $1,000.00, cashier’s checks for $1,000.00 to $10,000.00 and must have a wire for all transactions requiring funds over $10,000.00. Checks/Cashiers Checks, if applicable, must be made payable to Signature Title Services, LLC.

  1. NEVER RELY on emails purporting to change wire instructions. Parties to a transaction rarely change wire instructions in the course of a transaction.
  2. ALWAYS VERIFY wire instructions, specifically the ABA routing number and account number, by calling the party who sent the instructions to you. DO NOT use the phone number provided in the email containing the instructions, use phone numbers you have called before or can otherwise verify. Obtain the phone numbers of the Real Estate Agents, Buyers, Sellers, Lender and Attorneys as soon as the process begins.
  3. DO NOT send an email to verify as the email address may be incorrect or the email may be intercepted by the fraudster.
  4. DO NOT forward wire instructions to other parties without first verbally verifying the instructions from the sending party.
  1. Wire transfers will only be completed to sellers/consumers directly if an original voided check or preprinted deposit slip is provided, regardless the side that Signature Title Services, LLC represents in the transaction.
  2. In the instance no voided check and/or preprinted deposit slip is provided, proceeds will be issued in one of the following formats:
    • Check
    • Wire to representing Title Company
  3. Voided checks/preprinted deposit slips will not be accepted via electronic communications.
  4. In the instance no original voided check is available, Signature Title Services, LLC will accept written wiring instructions on the banking institutions letterhead signed off by a banking representative. Written information must include bank name, address and contact phone. As well as, account holder name, account number, and ABA wire routing number. Verbal confirmation will be required from banking institution prior to releasing any funds.
  5. Verbal confirmation will be required prior to any wire(s) being released.